Kick Off
  • Have some activity, preferably upbeat and fun, where you announce the fundraiser and challenge everybody to participate.
  • Structure the sale period to last no more than 10 days.
    • Example: Kick it off on Friday and have the first turn-in for money and orders the following Friday with a final turn-in on Monday.
    • This allows two weekends for sales.
  • Collect the money from customers as they order. Challenge everyone to reach the goal.
  • Have an incentive for each person that reaches individual goals, for example, “Extra library time” … “Extra PE time” … “Free ticket to the school dance” … “Ticket to a special assembly or school program” … “Free time in the Gym or Computer Lab.”
Doughnut Day
  • Order your Doughnuts for “Doughnut Day.”
  • Call your store to arrange for pick-up.
  • Doughnuts are made fresh and should be delivered to the customers that day or no later than the following day.
  • On Doughnut Day your sale is over, and you have your money for your fundraiser.


Start with the specifics
It is always a great idea to set a deadline. Some questions to consider when setting deadlines are: does “end of the week” means 5 p.m. Friday or first thing Friday morning.
It helps to work with your fundraising team to plan a date for your fundraising sales to take place. We suggest setting a Doughnut Day (doughnut pick up date). The sooner you plan these dates, the better!
Break the task down
We find it helpful when we break down the process into individual steps that have their own deadlines. For example: Monday: Contact Krispy Kreme Springfield to set up a time to go pickup order forms, money envelopes, fundraising banners and any other materials we may need. Tuesday: handout fundraising materials and hang banners around school. Wednesday – Sunday: Sell orders. Monday: Call Krispy Kreme Springfield. Wednesday: Doughnut Day!!!
Build in a buffer
We suggest you give yourself a “cushion”. Mark the deadline date a few days ahead of the actual deadline, so you have time to deal with changes or last-minute emergencies.
Make it OK for people to ask for help
It so great to have a team, isn’t it? Krispy Kreme Fundraising is designed to be FUN and FAST and most of all SIMPLE! We suggest finding ways to check-in with your fundraising coordinator or whomever is leading the effort so that the process will be smooth. Some fund ways to connect may be through social media or use a project management phone APP or even set a check in time to meet for dinner or lunch just to find out how everyone is doing! This is also a great time to finalize how your Doughnut Day will look! Have fun with it!
Get Started
Share the fun! We suggest the team leader assigning everyone a next step and a deadline. Who will call Krispy Kreme Springfield to pick up the materials? Who will hand out the fundraising order forms and when? Who will hang the banners? Who will collect all the money? Who will place the final doughnut order? Who will be available on the delivery date (doughnut day!)?


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